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Each house has a custom made Tinos Hearts guide with tips and information for your stay (given upon arrival)


Useful information about all restaurants, villages, day trips, museums, beaches, bars, outdoor activities, his- tory of the island, architecture, maps with exact distances from the property e.t.c.



Tinian cuisine is a “Cuisine étoilée” of local recipes based on fresh ingedients, which makes Tinos a unique cycladic culinary destination. Here the quality of fine food and appropriate service are top of the list. Tinos is the “San Sebastian” of Nothern Spain, when it comes to food. Tinian delicacies that guests should absolutely taste and talented and enthusiastic chefs are making Tinos a top culinary experience for passionate food lovers.




“To Thalassaki” (Ysternia beach, tel: +30 2283 031366), Restaurant with “étoilé”, inovvative, inspiring local cuisine. Top of our list.

“San Alati” (Tinos (Chora), tel:  +30 2283 029266). Superbe food and excellent service.

“Itan Ena Mikro Karavi” (Tinos (Chora) tel: +30 2283 022818). Fine dining in a green stylish court yard

“Dimitra”, (Tinos Kardiani, tel: +30 22830 31937) a magnificent traditional bistro in Kardiani Tinos with homemade pies, local delicacies and village ambiance experience. Recommended for “see and greet” outdoors breakfast, coffee break, lunch and evening foodies

“Mpourou” (Tinos (Chora) tel: +30 2283 025760). A succesfull combination of traditional dishes with a modern touch, wrapped with a friendly service.

“Marathia” (Agios Fokas, tel: +30 22830 23249, +30 697 76 57 199). Creative tinian cuisine on the beach. Ideal after a swim. Summery.

“Tarsanas” (Tinos (Chora) tel: +30 22830 24667). Scenery of old shipyard, very artchy. Top choice for fish food.

“Exomeria” (Ysternia, tel: +30 2283 031552). Iddyllic. Unique view. Foodies and Coctails.

”To koutouki tis Elenis” (Tinos (Chora) tel: +30 2283 024857). Hidden in an alley, its Tinos finest “bistro”.

“Platanos Duar” (Steni, Tel: +30 22830 41231). Live the taverna experience in a narrow village (“Steni” the name of the village means “narrow”). Eduard (“Duar” comes from “Eduard”) the owner, is a stockbreeder, a butcher, and a cook.

“Tsampia” (Kionia, tel : +30 22830 23142). Hidden in a lush garden above kionia beach.

“Pranzo”  (Tinos (Chora) tel: +30 2283 02600) Italian cuisine at its best. No solo pizza, italian dishes for demandive tastes.




A “culinary seminar” initiative for chefs from all around the world , who wish to explore the wonders of the Tinian cuisine, takes place in Tinos every spring:




Delicacies. “Louzes”, a proschiutto, jamon like delicacy from smoked pork, stuffed vine leaves, sea food, home made lasagna, sun dried tomatoes, froutalia omellete. Sweet cheese pies, crushed almond and marzipan confectionaries called “amygdalota”, greek delight meringue “pastelli” in lemon leaves, dried figs and thyme honey are some of the local products and specialties.




Jazz, Theatre, Concerts, Poetry & litterature, Piano concerts are organized every year for the last 15 years in a fabulous festival where talent is embraced in a unpretentious  Cycladic way.  We can book tickets for you.




Tinos sister villas “M” and “E” are privileged to be few minutes walk from the best holistic center of Tinos, PELIAS (ancient greek for “dove”), our island’s most beautiful “dove” offering you Refined Pilates, Hatha Yoga with Sacred Sound, Meditation, Reiki and Hatha Yoga with Sacred Sound© & Meditation (Full Moon). Pelias




We can arrange for you a personal trainer in our villas private gyms.



Should you wish beauty treatment you can arrange a personalised schedule.



The island of Tinos is also world-famous for its art (mainly marble sculpture, painting and basket-weaving), as well as its architecture, particularly its intricately-decorated dovecots, marble and stone-brick houses, narrow alleyways and staircases, and marble signs.


Tinos is a wonderland of cycladic Architecture, full of decorative elements that you will meet in most parts of Tinos. Dovecotes, Windmillss, traditional white and blue houses, marble masterpieces,  lintels (skylights or fotothyrides), fountains, chapels and stone fences, give to the island its unique and charismatic “color”. Tinian tradition that reflects the hard work of locals and their aesthetical criteria, always committed to their aim- seeking the Beautiful.


The dovecotes of Tinos are its “trademark”. There are dovecotes in many of the Cycladic islands but the most, the biggest and the finest are found on Tinos. The Tinians maintained and still maintain the doves, mainly for their tasty meat but also for their excrements, which make excellent manure. They are built on the mountainsides and decorate the landscape beautifully. They are rock built bulky constructions their lower part is used as a storage room and the higher for the housing for the pigeons.




“Marble Museum”

The Museum of Marble Crafts, in Pirgos, on the island of Tinos, is a unique example presenting the technology of marble, a material that holds a particular place in the architecture and art of Greece, from antiquity through to the present. The permanent exhibition, which describes the intricate meshing of tools and techniques used in working marble in a detailed and live manner, puts an emphasis on the pre- and proto- industrial Tinos, the most important centre of marble crafts in Modern Greece. In parallel, it highlights the social and economic context that the local workshops evolved in.
Read more here.


“Tinos Cultural Foundation” 

The Cultural Foundation of Tinos was established as a private benefit institution in 2002 by the Sacred Foundation of the Church of the Annunciation, and is supported by that institution. Its purpose is to promote research and study and to advance the awareness of the art, history, culture and tradition indigenous to the island of Tinos. Housed in a beautiful and recently refurbished neo-classic bulding at the water’s edge of the quaint harbor town of Tinos, the Foundation provides an ideal venue for business meetings, cultural and scientific conferences, art exhibitions and a variety of other events.
Read more here.


“Costas Tsoklis Museum”

The spectrum of Fine Arts of the Aegean Sea has recently been enriched with the museum of Costas Tsoclis, in Tinos.The former primary school of Kambos village in Tinos, formely deserted by students, has recently been extended and reused as the space that houses Kostas Tsocli’s works of art. The museum, dedicated to the people of Tinos, adapts to new museological requirements and returns the “space”, it borrows, to knowledge redefined in the light of the artistic eye.  In addition to the exhibitions, the museum organizes many other activities such as lectures by art historians and other intellectuals having to do with literature, theater etc, as well as special seminars for teachers on Art and Education, screenings in the courtyard of the museum on the life of great artists and theatrical and musical performances presented at the Theatre of Koumaros. Finally, the art library and creative programs are a magnet for children, adolescents and adults.
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Tinos Secret



We can provide you with special trekking maps to walk one or more of the island’s numerous ancient paths that Tinos has in offer and enjoy the breathtaking view of the island and the surrounding cyclades. It is true that if you do not get separated from your car for a bit, you will probably, experience only a bit of Tinos and certainly enough, you will miss some of the most charming pictures of the island. Walking in the dry summer, or the lush winter Tinos, villages, stone walls, mills, pigeon houses, churches, cobbled streets will form the basic references. Find out your own!

The program “Alternative Forms of Tourism – Promotion of Cultural Interest Itineraries” restored and marked trails in areas of great cultural interest.


The ten official journeys included in the program are:

  1. Falatados – [Myrsini] – Maganari – Plati – Coast of Livada.
  2. Xinara – Xobourgo – Koumaros – Skalados – Krokos -Loutra- Perastra – Smardakito – Tarambados – Kambos.
  3. Monastery Kechrovouni – Mountados – Sperados – Tripotamos – Xobourgo.
  4. Kionia – [Hatzirados] – Ktikados – Smourdia – Vari – Poles – Chora.
  5. Falatados (Kathlikados) – Volax – Griza – Sklavochorio – Agapi.
  6. Steni – Potamia – Maroulis – Lychnaftia.
  7. Myrsini – Prophet Elias – Top of Tsiknias.
  8. Dyo Choria – Mandalou – Phaneromene – Kunares – [Ag Varvara] – Agios Sostis.
  9. Kardiani – [Bay Giannakis] – Ysternia – [Bay Ysternia] – Platia – Pyrgos – [Panormos] – Marlas – – Mamados
  10. Kalloni – [Karkados] – Aetofolia- Koris’ Pyrgos – Stavria- Monastery – Katapolianis – Platia – [Pyrgos] – Rohari.


Regardless of whether your hobby is hiking, or if this is your first attempt, regardless of your physical condition, the available hiking maps and instructions of willing to help villagers will reveal dozens of trails suitable for you. We suggest that you find out informal routes to destinations that will attract and “open up your own secret trail”.




The bottom of the sea in Tinos offers breathtaking underwater scenery and unique pictures to lovers of diving.Along the coastline you will find bays, caves, rocky spots and shipwrecks.Beaches of particular diving interest and easy to reach by car are the following:


Stavros: The ruins of the ancient harbor, pieces of ancient utensils, intricate formations and the abundance of fish compose a unique scenery.

Livada: Rocky bottom, shells and a wreck.

Vourni: Large reef, unique colors and intense biodiversity

Agios Romanos and Panousa: Steep cliffs, spectacular rocky ground and sandy valleys.

Ag. Sostis: An interesting seabed with its reef being seen, even out of the water.

If you have a boat, you can dive in “Skala”, being characterized by the reef, the residues of once, extensive fishing activity in the area, and spectacular cliffs.In Tinos, you will have the chance of renting your diving equipment and of training, as well.

Tinos diving center (Tinos (Chora) tel : +30 22833 00573




This “Aeolian Island” could be nothing else but the playground for surf lovers. Strong winds, properly orientated beaches and big waves, being there only to invite and challenge! The fact that Tinos is an ideal destination for water Extreme Sports, is probably not a secret anymore.With a weather forecast for a wind of Beaufort 5 and above head for Megali Kolymbithra: A beach famous for water sports. Sandy, exposed to northern winds, very long and facing the North Aegean.



A wish for horse riding on the beach, is a wish which becomes true in Tinos.  More here.



We can suggest or even arrange for you the rental of your vacation car. All you’ll have to do is pick it up from the harbour once you arrive in Tinos.